Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some final summer thoughts...

Summer is almost over and I am loving the new fashions for fall.
But i am not quite ready to hang up the swimsuit and lug out the boots and coats. So here are some final summer thoughts in a farewell to the warm days...

I have a thing for nautical or sailor-themed clothing and this is just too cute. I'd love to wear it out boating or to wade in waves... It is from one of my all time favorite on-line stores (I've been shopping this site since it was 'vintage').

And one more from, an adorable jumper/ pinafore. This is probably more of a 70s look, but with a puff sleeved blouse could go for a 1940s look, too.

Also, while you are there do check-out the lovely tribute to the 1960s and MadMen, called "A Mod Affair":

Here is a sweet little really needs some bakelite to go with its candy-like appearance. Another 70s gone 40s and for $35 --can't argue too much.

And a cute cherry sundress:

And an adorable pin-a-fore...also 70s and a perfect vintage piece for summer... onl y $25.

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