Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tis the Season...

Tis the season to do random clean-up projects...well, for me anyhow. I noticed my magazine stack was getting out of hand so I decided to clean it out. I typically throw out anything more than 6 months old, unless it has some fashion editorial or news article with which I would like to save and keep in tact. Others, I will tear and clip out things I want to save and I place these in a journal-style scrap book.

Anyhow, during this process I came to the conclusion that those who write for magazines, don't have the same salary as the rest of us (well there are other biases to consider but this conclusion will do). So many magazines that I flipped through had dozens upon dozens of articles of clothing that were at least over $300...and these magazines are aimed at the everyday woman. I hope I don't come across as cheap, but a $150 purchase to me is even an investment that takes some consideration. I do believe in quality, and yes, quality comes at a cost. But there are many items you can buy for $50 to $200 that I would consider fairly priced...not "bargain items' as so presented in many fashion magazines. Under $20 is a bargain in my book!

And on to more favorite links! What a pain! I think this is a great place to organize and share my links. I really prefer websites in which I like products and the content and not just spam people links of people I work with or acquaintances. So know that the websites & links I share are unbiased...I truly like them & wear (or would like to wear) their products or garments. However, I am always open to please share any you might have with me!

This is a neat one called Candystore Collective (

They have smaller, new & up-and-coming designers, and a little vintage too. It has an Urban Outiftters-eque style.

Here are some of my favorite items:

Dear Creatures 9 to 5 Dress: $106

Would look darling with these F Troupe Patent Flats: $110

Like many small online retailers, they are not too picky about seasons...and its never too early for spring/summer...

A vintage Cole of California romper: $44

A cute bird necklace by Moss Mills: $148

And this Orla Kiely Stem Print Classic Handbag: $118

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