Monday, August 20, 2012

“American Look” - 1958, presented by Chevrolet

“American Look” - 1958, presented by Chevrolet
In appreciation of the stylists of America, who work in lines, forms, and textures and colors to give to us beauty, charm, and elegance in the conveniences, comforts, and necessities of our daily living.  As a tribute to men and women who design.
Through the arts and crafts of the American stylists the things about us are made to express our own free spirits and desires through the colorful things that spell sheer fun.
Improved styling constantly adds to the ease and grace and gaiety of American living.  The things we have in America are ever changing.  The studios and workshops of our stylists pour forth a never ending flow of service and of artistry.  Lines, planes, forms, and substances in colors.  On come the development of ideas in pace with the emphatic decisions of the American people as to what they want in the shapes of utility and in the manner of their ever improving good taste.
For our home life, the stylists are creating new impressions of utility, convenience, and beauty in the every day things that serve us.  Wondrous possessions that have new grace and glamour are offered the American people.
Homes have more than new plans, they have new patterns for living, made attractive by luxurious interiors.  Living space is enhanced by new materials and accented by subtleties of color selection.
By the way things look as well as the way they perform are homes require new grace, new glamour, new accommodations.  Not only expressing the American love of beauty but also the basic freedom of the American people, which is the freedom of individual choice.
In form, proportion, rhythm, and variety the stylists leave their unmistakable marks on everyday conveniences in flowing lines and graceful shapes, which we as Americans may enjoy.  
Women and men alike are increasing interested in the look of things.  They eagerly give their attention to what’s new and beautiful and advanced.
Modern packaging does more than wrap and hold and conceal.  Stunning in color, ingenious in design, it brings festivity to the marketplace.  Tempting, hinting, and revealing.
Those who dream in design are always contributing to our ways of work.  Working situations benefit from a new kind of layout, bright, open, and inviting.  The modern designer creates beauty through simplicity.  Bringing to active business, a look of casualness, a look of luxury.  Combing to create a new look to American efficiency.
The designers’ influences is reflected in our work.  Adding new style and new appeal to outdoor equipment that serves us in so many ways.  Engineering the shape and look of machines that change the shape and look of the land itself.
There’s a fresh look to fun in America today.  Stylists have added new zest to recreation by bringing an exciting look to the large variety of things that make leisure hours more pleasurable.  
Modern fashion has the active look, the casual look.
The family at home is enjoying the conveniences and functional beauty of walls of glass, merging room with room, blending inside with outside.  
Modern American architecture has a boldness, a functional beauty.  The look of America expressed in materials old and new.
As the stylists surround our lives with functional forms of beauty so they surround themselves in an atmosphere of aesthetic challenge.  For the studio of design is an inspiration in itself where men and women representing a variety of talents join their efforts and materialize their dreams.
Indoors or outdoors, wherever we go or wherever we stay, now and in the future, we can all depend on the stylists to beautify everything we need.  From the eye appeal to the swift effectiveness of the smallest utensils in the kitchen of the future to the serene grandeur of our glistening structures, the hand of the stylist is ever designing changes to improve our life of the future.
Thanks to the American stylist.  Yes, thanks to the men and women who design.

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