Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Omni Ware

3 pieces united at last

I'm quite proud of my recent purchases on etsy and addition to my tea sets collection. I have several shelves which I have various 'white ware' pieces, tea sets, and an occasional piece with a pop of color.

I was browsing etsy and found a cute sugar bowl and creamer set. I just love the design which is sort of a white swirl that wraps around each piece. I also discovered the matching pitcher on etsy from a different seller. I was just so delighted to make a set and this awesome design!
I do not know too much about it and it could be quite common. It has a great mid-century modern design but really not sure of year. (I did a quick search and got 60s-80s ?). There is an ever so slight variation in color in all of them; however, my camera made it appear as the sugar bowl is way off...not sure why. My intentions were to use the sugar bowl and creamer for everyday so just happy to have an extra piece in the set.
Omni Ware, Robert Steven Witkoff, Japan
The pitcher was purchased from linea72
The sugar bowl and creamer from TheVintageCabin

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