Thursday, June 30, 2011

Unsold Ebay

I am rather sick of seeing my eBay autions being in so many Watch lists and ending up not without even one bid, even when the auctions start at 'giving it away' prices. Not to mention, having to pay the fees on all those unsold items.

I typically use eBay for my more modern (un-vintage) clothing and accessories as my vintage goes straight to Etsy.

However, due to my issues with eBay, I've decided to open up shop on BigCartel.
I never have any luck at Buffalo Exchange or the like and it is just so disappointing to see some truly great clothes hauled off to the Salvation Army. Most of these are things that do not fit, I hardly ever wore, and are just taking up much needed space in my ever expanding closet.

I do hope you'll take a peek.

Know of any other places to peddle your goods? Are just as frustrated as me?
Please leave me a comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Hi, BigCartel looks like a cool site. Your link did go to your 3 items but I could not find you in their directory. On your 3 items your name is not mentioned anywhere. I follow ethanolie and she is starting to use @sellsimply on twitter but I haven't checked that out yet. Best Wishes, Juliet , sixcatsfun

  2. I have that same problem on ebay,haven't listed lately hope to next week.I'll chk U out on bigcartel.

  3. Thank you! I will have to check on it and make sure its working properly. I will also take a peak at sellsimply. I have a lot more things I should put up so hopefully I can find a perfect store front soon.