Friday, March 19, 2010

Gone, but Not Forgotten

So many times I have added unique, one-of-a-kind items to my 'watch' list or 'favorites', only to see some other lucky gal (or guy) has grabbed it up. I'm sure we've all been there...that "grrr I could kick myself" feeling. Nonetheless, I will pay tribute to them here...lesson learned: act quickly or else face it that it'll be 'Gone, But Not Forgotten'.

What a cute, 1960s baby doll dress with puff sleeves by seller eccentricitees on eBay. I also reminds me of a 1940s tap dancer, think the Rockettes. This sold for just a bit over $32.

Here is a 1960s-70s sheer mini dress by eBay seller americanarchive. Its so elegant, but flirty too. It has a gorgeous back with buttons up the back of collar. This one was $61.

A little wintery, but still super cute. Would have loved to have this one for Valentine's day. I lacey top with velvet skirt mini dress by meat-market. This was $52.

A darling little shift dress in a great novelty print with dancers by etsy seller RaleighVintage. I've added a close-up of this cool print. I like novelty prints but I'm very picky about them as they are a bit risky. Wearing something too bold or too cute can come across as clownish or kiddie. A good novelty print must be attractive and subtle, like this one!

A lovely shift dress in cute polka-dots by etsy seller stilettogirl. (I guess polka-dots could be risky too) This one is gorgeous and just oh so classic!

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