Monday, January 17, 2011

Nautical Classics

Ahoy!  So it appears that the nautical style is back, or perhaps just never went out to sea.  It is a timeless, classic look that has reappeared throughout many decades.  But I'm going to dock this vessel in a present day 60s-influenced harbor of classic nautical staples.

The mini-skirt of course is timeless and true.  And of course, 60s through and through.

This one is navy & white from Kate Spade.

Or this black & white one from Forever21 (also in grey/black or red/charcoal)

Here is a staple for every closet....the striped Breton shirt.  This was from Landsend has a perfect portrait collar and is guaranteed to be great quality.

An adorable vintage sailor suit romper from etsy seller, Thrush

A cute new wool-blend mini dress from Tulle available on ModCloth.

Vintage Nelly Don dress from AshandArrow

Spring-y, nautical stripe sundress from Delia's

A vintage mod stripe and solid dress with long sleeves that will bring you from winter to spring.  From breadbuttervintage.

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