Monday, June 28, 2010

Mad Men Rules

Mad Men Rules & advice...(from TV squad)

1) You're in their country. Learn to speak the language.

2) If it's bad, don't use it.

3) Just don't get pregnant.

4) Boys will be boys.

5) Put your trucks in the toybox. I'm not your maid.

6) Research shows rules are made to be broken.

7) Half the time this business comes down to I don't like that guy.

8) When God closes a door, he opens a dress.

9) I like being bad and then going home and being good.

10) This is why I don't allow crying in the break room. It erodes morale. There's a place to cry - your apartment.

11) He may act like he wants a secretary, but most of the time he's looking for something between a mother and a waitress. And the rest of the time, well...

12) You can't be a man. Don't even try. Be a woman.

13) Take your list, target some of these guys, and make them feel special.

14) Get out of here. Move forward. This never happened.

15) You want to be taken seriously, stop dressing like a little girl.

16) This isn't China. There's no money in virginity.

17) You're the new girl and you're not much. So you might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

18) Just think about it deeply, then forget it.

19) Have a summer house.

20) Between now and Monday we have to fall in love a dozen times.

21) Wait til she finds out about your Cadillac. She'll be waiting naked right in front of this window.

22) At some point, we've all parked in the wrong garage.

23) I want everything I want.

24) I'm very comfortable with my mind. Thoughts clean and unclean, loving and...the opposite of that.

25) Only boring people are bored.

26) Everybody brush your teeth and go to bed.

27) Put your nose down and pay attention to your work.

28) You can only keep the cork on the bottle for so long.

29) It's not Romeo and Juliet.

30) That's life.

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