Friday, May 21, 2010

50s Friday

Well, I was going to post an entry every day this week and of course, time got away from me. So here it is Friday already. I decided to pick and choose 50s (or inspired) pieces in black and white.

I love these heels. I am not a huge fan of the vinyl slingbacks or springolaters only because the vinyl is often yellowed. But these don't look too bad and I love the braiding detail which masks any aging of the vinyl anyway. These are only $30 from GoodEye (size 8). The insoles need a repair/ replacement, but can be done easily and shouldn't cost too much.

Another beautiful dress from DearGoldenVintage. This is a Jerry Gilden dress in a unique medallion filigree-esque print with rhinestone detail. Size Small (w=26").

1950s style lovely black Italian leather strappy heels by Garolini (1970-1984) in size 6. These are from Mikkiriff and in pristine condition for $50.

A black and white stripe 1950s style number, perfect for summer and dancing. It is size small (w=28") from pinehaven2 ($35).

Vintage Monet White Bead Necklace Multi Layers from Vintageday ($15)

1950s wiggle dress with Peter Pan collar (w=28") from Vintagephilosophy.

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