Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Here are some more of my favorite links and places to shop or items I have my eye on.

I absolutley love the scent of Booth Bath & Body products (not to be confused with Boots brand). You can sometimes find this at drugstores or Target, but it has been scare lately and its exciting to know they now sell online! Hooray!

My person favorite is the Tahitian Monoi Body Souffle ($6.99). The souffles are light and heavily moisturize but without being oily or greasy. Perfect to slather on with shorts or a dress. (Unfortunately, I have had instances wear I put on a heavy body lotion that unbeknownst to me was greasy and ending up staining my clothes.)

Here is a great article & video from Queens of Vintage on how to do hair like Brigitte Bardot. She uses a "bump-it' in the video but I prefer to just backcomb and hairspray. I have not tried the bump-it but I imagine it would show in my hair since I have very fine hair. Sometimes I can even get the same volume with hairspray alone.

And the essential is the perfect black headband or scarf. Here is one by etsy seller mixbaby.

And if you have not yet got your Vivienne Westwood Melissa heels (or you want another pair) there are select styles on sale at Patricia Field for $63.

A super cute necklace from This Charming Girl...its sew cute!

I love these bags from Talbots. They have the white one in yellow, which is my fav!

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