Thursday, March 25, 2010

New purchases...

I think the Spring weather has really put me in the mood to clean, as well as, shop. Taking a look in my closet and weeding things out always makes me want to buy new to replace the old (I swear a woman on Hoarders said the exact same thing...scary). While I might have an obsession, its not a compulsion yet...or maybe it's the other way around.

Anyway, let's get to the good stuff...

I found this top on sale at Anthropologie (sale prices are about all I want to pay for their items and all I can afford)...

If I had just seen it on the website I probably would not have bought it, but in the store the color is muted and not so loud. The embroidered detail is also pleasing in a retro way.

I do have an obsession with the perfect white blouse. I love finding just the right one, but have a terrible tendency to ruin them...either stain, washing/drying damage, iron, name it. Murphy's Law, right? Let's hope that nothing goes awry with these babies...both from Urban Outfitters (Knock on wood).

The first Lyell blouse I would call the 'Holy Grail' of white blouses...Peter pan collar, puff sleeves, tucks...hallelujah!

And the next is light & fun, perfect for spring...and on sale for $20 (in store)

Lastly, some cute beige t-strap flats. I bought these for the sole (pun not intended) reason that I bought a new tunic/dress that is beige & blue. All of my flats are either black, pink, or white. Definitely a 'need' in my book. :)

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