Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vintage inspired & new finds

I am obsessed with the cute brand at Forever 21 called Twelve by Twelve. The actual clothing hang tag is adorable with a smaller version of a vintage pattern held to the garment by a tiny yellow ribbon that looks like measuring tape.

I am not a snob when it comes to labels. I am more about style and will wear new or vintage if it fits and has the style I am looking for. Therefore, any brand will do from Target to Dior.

First, I bought this great jacket. It has nice details and the cut is unique with an inverted 'V' shape in both the front and back. It will be perfect for work (w/ camisole) or just to wear out & about.

I also purchased this lightweight denim jumpsuit. It has a real 'Rosie the Riveter' kinda look to it,

but even more feminine with the halter tope. Unfortunately, the pants are way TOO long. I am 5'3" and got an extra small and would have had to take up about 6". I will have to return these. Very cute for the tall ladies though!!

Next, I bought this gorgeous jumpsuit (-minus the hat) with nice art deco style buckle. The belt is not necessary and is studded so I will remove that. It is nice & soft and extremely comfortable, too. I cannot wait to wear this one with my hair straight in a bob with bangs. So chic, so deco!

I am a HUGE fan of playsuits/ sunsuits/ rompers. And here is cute one...they also have it in a very retro green. Great quality for the price, too.

And lastly, I got a dress (regular Forever 21 brand). It is strapless with a lightly padded strapless bra needed here. I removed the belt cause it was not my style. The pockets in it are adorable. This will be the perfect thing to wear to a 60s style event!


  1. Cute I havent been in forever 21 in a really long time, did you find your items at the store or online?

  2. I actually have 2 stores that are close to me and one carries all of these items, the other does not. I guess it depends on the location. And they do have them available online, as well.